Friday, January 29, 2010

Grandma J's House - updated to sell

We have had Grandma J's house updated to make it more marketable.
All the old brown panneling and wallpaper were removed.
Outside trim, eaves and garage door were painted.
The interior received a modern two-tone look.
Lighter colored floor coverings were installed.
Cabinets were refinished.
Updated light fixtures are in the works.
(David and I purchased them and plan to install them soon.)
Dining Room
(The fan is going to be replaced.)
Living Room

Family Room


Upper Oven Cabinet

Upper Cabinets

Lower cabinets and new floor covering
We are looking for a good deal on new appliances.
Any suggestions?
There is currently a double oven and electric coil cooktop.
We are thinking of replacing them with a convection oven/microwave combo,
and a smooth cooktop.
Also in the plans:
Fix the sprinkler valves.
Repair the front gate.
Trim the trees and bushes.
Plant some pretty flowers in front for curb appeal.
Maybe some base moulding.
Wash windows.
Make a couple of trips to the dump!
Anybody in the family want the old window coverings?

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