Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nativity Celebration

Here's a few shots of the Community Nativity Celebration from last week:

The early morning unloading crew.Starting Jocelyn's set-up plan.
Tablecloths and trees next.

With the fluff and 350 nativities.

Some of the Thursday night performers:
Four of my grand kids dressed up to have their picture taken. Aren't they cute? Will and Ed adamantly refused costumes. Ed preferred to unwrap the wise men's gifts:

They all loved the Little People Nativity.
And the puppet show in the children's area.

Jocelyn did a great job. It was beautiful. Now we figure we qualify for the "do not contact" list next year.

1 comment:

Rockelle said...

Hi SISter Bunting....
I like your blog!
Neat to see Bako stuff!
Hope things are well. It looked like the activity was a hit. It certainly was beautiful.
I am not coming home this Christmas...We are snowed in her in Oregon!
Have a great day!