Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Bikes!

In preparation for our big backpacking trip next summer, we bought these bikes. We have been walking and dieting, but felt something a little more strenuous might be needed to help us get in shape. Stair stepping seemed kind of boring, so we went looking for bikes. David had read that they are often discounted in September to make room for the new Christmas models. We found a great bargain. Mine was marked down $180.00 and David's $150.00. The only problem is the last few days we've been so busy with projects that we haven't had much time to ride. Today for SURE! And I doubled my walking time today.


Papa Randy said...

If David is going to wear those tight fitting lyre shorts, please don't show any pictures of that. I would certainly appreciate it.

CHERIE said...

David assures me that lycra is not likely to be included in his wardrobe.

Papa Randy said...

oh yeah lycra.