Monday, September 29, 2008

The Flight of the Turkey Buzzards

A few days ago, as David and I were coming back from our evening bike ride, we looked up and saw hundreds of turkey buzzards. They were taking advantage of the beautiful cool evening and were soaring overhead. I don't exaggerate by saying hundreds! When I got up to walk the next morning, I noticed they were waking up and getting gathered to fly off somewhere. They had spent the night in the trees in our neighborhood. Karrie told me later there is a "Turkey Buzzard Festival" up in Kern Valley. Who would have guessed? I notice this evening there are still some around, maybe ten or twenty tonight. I always see red-tailed hawks around here, but have never noticed turkey buzzards. The pictures above were taken in the early morning, as they gathered in the eucalyptus trees.


Monica said...

They migrate every year through the area. Quite a sight!

Papa Randy said...

What do they taste like?