Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and Levi's 1st Birthday

Levi had his first birthday April 11th, so we waited a day to celebrate since we were having lots of our family come to our house for Easter. He is such a sweetie! He can walk several steps with a little confidence now, and he says, "Tickle, tickle, tickle" so cute you can't believe it. Although he is very friendly and loves people, his favorite person is, without a doubt, his mommy.
Levi, age 1 year 1 day

The Easter bucket brigade is ready for egg hunting. You can see the hail/rain/wind storm was quick to leave. We had beautiful sunny weather for the kids.
With a little encouragement from Granny and Grandma J., all the eggs were found and the bunny bucks redeemed.

Nathan was quick to find his dozen eggs, but discovered candy and not too many bunny bucks inside. He had to negotiate for his toys.
Kacy loves pink eggs, of course.
Will's a great egg hunter.
Jessie was a little under the weather,
but she managed to have a little fun too.

After the egg hunt, Karrie and the her kids went to Grandma Mayhall's house for dinner. Yvette, Gus, Eric, Kimi, Jake, Nathalie and Sophie came to join us for dinner, along with Angela, Lee, Lucy, baby Will, Gary and Marsha. Karl, Gaye, Jimmy, David, Lindsey and Sarah joined us later in the evening.
Oscar brought some of the chicks over for the kids to see.
We were amazed how fast they ate the bugs! Boys love chicks.
Lucy joined in too.

I didn't get a picture of little Sophie and her pretty polka dot Easter dress, because she left before I got my camera out after dinner. That's the disadvantage of being hostess. Yvette has some great pics of her on the Bryant Blog, so you better go there to see how cute she is.

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