Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Jessie!

Sweet little Jessie is ONE today! She is a joy to have in the family and is always so happy. Her smile is a treat. She is super fassssst at crawling, and I bet it won't be long before she's running around with big kids. The little curls behind her ears are so cute .We love her bunches!We celebrated yesterday. Jessie's favorite food is french fries, so I was happy to accommodate her taste buds. We added another of her favorites, hamburgers, along with some chicken, jello, and fruit salad. All the kids cleaned their plates and everyone asked why I don't serve that for Sunday dinner more often. After dinner all the kids helped me decorate her butterfly cake.

She's had quite a crowd trying to help her, but managed to open her presents with just a little help from her mom. I found it very difficult to get in to take any pictures.
Jocelyn made her a little dress and matching hair clip, then decided at the last minute to sew one for Kacy too.


David and Amanda said...

I love that your family can get together for every birthday...I'm jealous!

Shaun and Aimee said...

Jessie is precious! I love the cake too. Jocey is so the dress!