Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Pass-a-long Car

Several years ago Oscar's sister was given a car. She was a student and used it to go to school and work. After awhile, it developed some mechanical problem, so she passed it along to Oscar , thinking he might be able to fix it, and bought a new one. Oscar didn't really need it, so he parked it in David's "bone" yard. One day we saw it parked in front of a house several neighborhoods to the west of us. A tire had been slashed and it was dirty. Apparently, it had been stolen and the thief ditched it when he discovered the mechanical problem. The police couldn't acquire any usable fingerprints. It had been parked there for two weeks, according to the owner of the house, and we hadn't noticed it was missing. We drove it home, cleaned it up and David fixed it. About that time, my dad had some medical problems and I found myself driving to the hospital a lot and then transporting my dad to re-hab and physical therapy and much later I went back and forth to the nursing home. It got great gas mileage, was easy to get him in and out of, and was very dependable. It was a blessing, saving me a lot of money and trouble. After dad passed away, the air conditioning went out and it was summer, so we parked it. That was over five years ago. I got the Jeep. A few weeks ago David put in a new battery, installed new tires and passed it along to someone else.

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