Monday, January 26, 2009

Hall Wall Art by Ed

This is a section of my hall wall "after" being cleaned with Magic Eraser.
We were all busy during the holidays and didn't keep a close enough eye on Ed. He somehow found some non-washable markers and decorated my hall with black and red artwork. I wasn't too worried since I have successfully been able to remove all previous smudges, crayon, pencil and other kid inflicted stuff with Magic Eraser. It took off the black pretty well, but was not successful with the red. I had consigned myself to re-painting it when Barbara (David's sister) and Carolynn came for an overnight visit. Barbara suggested I try rubbing alcohol, a remedy recommended to her by a friend for lots of unwanted spots. I did and IT WORKS! I just received this cartoon in the mail from her a few days ago:

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Katie said...

Oh I don't like wall art! And the magic eraser works well sometimes and others obviously not! Ethan or David colored on my mom's wall paper and instead of taking the ink away, it took the color out of the wall paper. NOT GOOD!