Friday, June 13, 2008


Wednesday, David and I loaded up the wheelbarrow with the last of the apricots from the tree and I decided we'd better get busy and do something with them. I couldn't find my canning kettle, only the rack that holds the jars. I think the kettle part was absconded by people going to camp or something. So after a trip to Wal-mart to buy another one, I chopped, boiled, poured and sealed all day. With David's help, I came up with 38 jars of jam and syrup. Everything sealed properly. I tried several different recipes and methods, so evaluation will come later. But, with all that sugar how can you go wrong? We also have a freezer laden with frozen apricot halves for cobbler and some puree for fruit leather when Jocelyn finishes with the dehydrator.

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Katie said...

They all look beyond yummy! :)