Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ladybug and Croquet

Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home.

Your house is on fire.

And your children are all gone.

All except one, and that’s little Ann,

For she’s hiding under the frying pan.

---Children’s Nursery Rhyme, author unknown

Monday morning Oscar, Spencer and Jared came over after taking Nathan to school. While David and Oscar added some freon to the Delgado's suburban, the boys and I enjoyed a little outdoor fun. Spencer found a ladybug and made friends. He said, "Grandma, mom and dad think I'm just a kid, but I'm a ladybug collector too." We also resurrected the croquet set that was banned last year after the kids tried maiming each other and redesigning the landscaping with it.

It was Jared's first time to play croquet and he tried out each color ball. He learned very quickly how to connect with the ball and they both had a good time until crying when dad said it was time to go home.


Jocelyn said...

Spencer is the funniest kid around. Later this day he said he was half lady bug catcher half food taker. He was raiding the fridge and told me not to worry...that he wouldn't eat the vegi's, the strawberries or the pepperoni, so there would be SOMETHING left for me.

jlbunting.com said...

how funny! Spencer, thanks for making me laugh, work gets kind of boring sometimes.