Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Casita Progress Report

Lots of work has been done on the casita lately, but I'm not sure who is responsible.
Here, David and Spencer are discussing the best way to install the rough plumbing.

Looks like David is supervising while Spencer and Jared install the pipe.

Spencer is "fixing" Papa David's rough work.
Jared is very interested in the blue glue.

All enclosed and with windows and door installed, it's starting to look more like a home.

David installed a temporary ramp. Later there will be a covered deck in front.

Jared is inviting David in for a look. He did this about 600 times. David installed lever door handles which we thought would be easier for Ellen. As it turns out, it's also easier for kids to open than a knob.


Jocelyn said...

These are the best pictures yet! I am amazed everytime I go over the progress being made!

Katie said...

My gosh! I can't believe how much has been done. Does Uncle David want to come and build a casita for me and Alan? :)

Heidi and Rich said...

Wow David. You are amazing. Your wife is just as amazing. Oh yeah and what about your son who is building his own home. Let's not forget Jocelyn who is always creating something from scratch. The Buntings are pure talent!!!