Thursday, August 2, 2007

Kacy and Will

This week is girls camp, so I have been taking care of Kacy and Will. Monday we did lots of fun indoor stuff, since it was so hot outside (105 degrees). Here, their dragonflys are flying in the breeze of the fan.
They had some fun at the computer too. Now they are pro's at Reader Rabbit!

They were happy to take turns matching up letters, numbers and shapes under the oysters, and helping baby fireflys find their mothers.
Karrie asked me to make sure they got a nap everyday, so they have. It is supposed to be at 1:00, but we aren't always on schedule. Today we finally got it right. Monday-Wednesday they did get a nap even though it was a little later, because we were busy playing and shopping for a Slip n Slide and swimsuits for our water games on Wednesday. The first couple of nights they had a little trouble getting used to the train whistles here, but Tuesday and Wednesday they slept all night long. Kacy said the trains were quieter.

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