Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cloudy at the Temple

This is what the temple looked like when we came out Saturday.
When we got out of the temple today it was raining! We got home to Bakersfield to find heavy rain all afternoon here too. It's beautiful and the flowers and trees love it. We're having some great temple experiences this month. In addition to our usual Tuesday morning shifts, Anita, Randy and I worked last Saturday evening. Next week we are going to a special session on Monday which will be officiated by the temple presidency. We will meet in the chapel and the session will follow. Then we are all having dinner together. The presidency is furnishing the entree and the ordinance workers are bringing salads and desserts. We are really looking forward to being with with all of our temple friends. There are some wonderful people on our shift. We plan to spend the night in the temple apartments so we won't have to drive back to Bakersfield and then return again early the next morning.

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